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Eaton Compressor Reviews Why Its Polar Air Piston Compressors are the Best Value on the Market

Eaton Compressor is proud to provide some of the highest quality and most efficient piston compressors on the market today. They know how difficult it is to choose a high-quality, high-value compressor, which is why they have written a guide that explains why their Polar Air compressor is one of the best on the market.


Eaton Compressor, to put it simply, has one of the slowest, quietest, and coolest, air compressors on the market today. Customer reviews rave about their high-quality products. But how do they do it? The answer is simple: innovative design, top quality components, and premium construction.


Eaton Compressor doesn’t follow the popular trend in the industry of cutting costs wherever possible. You won’t find any high-RPM electric motors or low quality pumps on an Eaton air compressor! Keeping an air compressor cool is vital for its longevity, which is why they ensure their compressors have lower operating speeds so their industrial-grade compressors withstand tough settings.


Eaton Compressor uses only the highest quality components for its products. Their electric motors are premium efficiency rated, NEMA standard and are specifically designed for heavy-duty industrial settings. Eaton uses top quality ASME air tanks manufactured right here in the USA. Furthermore, the compressor pumps are built of solid cast iron.


Eaton Compressor incorporates such innovative features as a removable top deck-plate, “Flow-Tech” engineering to promote air-flow underneath the pump, heavy-duty belt guards made of 13G steel, and an innovative belt-tensioning system standard that makes belt tension adjustment and alignment quick and easy. Furthermore, the Polar Air Compressors have a continuous run feature that eliminates wear on the motor and saves energy, as well as a dual-timer automatic tank drain standard that allows users to program the drain cycle.


Eaton Compressor provides factory-direct pricing. Beware of other companies that market themselves as “factory direct,” but are actually single-level distributors that have authorized distributorship agreements with the manufacturers. At Eaton, we believe that the best value comes from eliminating the middleman. Eaton Compressor is truly factory direct and can thus provide some of the lowest prices in the industry.


Eaton Compressor ensures the longevity of their compressors by providing everyday low prices on all parts and maintenance supplies. Additionally, Eaton provides excellent support services, including a 24/7 helpline. Eaton also offers competitive warranties, including a 5 year warranty on compressor pumps for their Polar Air piston air compressors and a FREE 10 year extended warranty on all air ends in their rotary screw air compressors that is not pro-rated with usage.


Eaton Compressor’s slower/ quieter / cooler design, top quality components, innovative features, factory direct pricing, low cost parts and maintenance supplies, 24/7 support, and industry best product warranties are all part of what makes Polar Air compressors the best total value on the market today. Eaton Compressor would like to hear from you! Call at 877-283-7614 to learn more about our products.

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